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Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Ghost In Me.

I sat one night in my room thinking; if I was possessed what type of possession would it be I wondered, would I be a marine spirit? An Ogbanje? Or just a plane ol witch or young witch whatever the case might be there’s the white witch, black, red and so many colors loll.

While I had this thought, I felt a cold breeze sweep through the room, I was lost in thought, wondering if I belonged to any of these witchery maybe my life would have been a bit better, enjoyable, less worrisome, perfect, filled with money and then I felt something touch me, just a light touch, must be the duvet I said and continued thinking.

Photo Credit: themightywings

Then I slept off, with those thoughts in my head, I felt a caress, hands all over my body, they pulled, they tugged, they caressed and then they whispered “You Called, We’re Here” I woke up with a start, jumped out of the bed, switched on the light but there was no one there.

I was scared, my heart skipping, who did I call? It was just a thought, I didn’t mean any of them, I felt maybe it was a dream after all I went back to bed with so much fear in my heart. I slept off, this time not so deep, and then I heard them “Wake her” “Wake up” “We know you’re awake” “You called” WAKE UP!
To Be Continued



  1. Na so e dey start... we go buy rope for you lol

  2. Hmmmm
    Well...thats how it begins.. "When you look into the dark, the Dark looks back" It always come calling.
    A lot of ignorant individuals got this door open without realizing it..
    Waiting for the remaining part of the story.