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Sunday, 4 September 2016

I Am In Love With My Cousin


I don’t know how this started but I just know I can’t get the thought of my male cousin out of my head.

He’s a distant cousin, we never really knew each other while we were growing up, I’m 19 and he’s 23.

Bella I know I am in love with him but how do I tell him? When I got admission into the University my parents made us stay together because they thought he would protect me and I wouldn’t feel lonely in a land where I knew no one.

But every night I get wet dreams, I am a virgin, and I want to give my virginity to him, I have noticed him staring at me, sometimes when we sleep at night I can feel him touching me, I just pretend to be asleep, maybe it’s my imagination I don’t know but all I know is I want him.

I haven’t told anyone, and I will like this to be anonymous, do you think there will be any consequences if we make love? He’s a distant cousin so I don’t think the gods will strike us dead.

Please help me, I can’t anymore, I just can’t my body is on fire for him.



Honey, I don’t think you’re in love with your cousin, you’re just going through stages every virgin goes through, your body wants something your morals aren’t ready to part with.

Why don’t you talk to your mum about this, tell her how you feel and why she must relocate you to the hostel immediately, as for your cousin, you’re a young woman and he’s a young man and I can see why he might be tempted but blood is blood, distant relative or not, you’re linked together in a brotherly way and you can’t ignore that.

You’re a woman, take charge, that’s why we are stronger than men emotionally; you can put those feelings aside and reason logically and see this will only end in disasters.

Write me sweetie when you have spoken to your mum, I will love to help you further.


  1. Please don't tell mummy o!!! African parents don't understand!!! They would skin you alive for sharing sex related issues with them!!!
    Unless your mum is white & is from America ni then you are free!
    Why you are feeling that way is because you both are living together and you play together..
    Solution go far! Talk to him about it & tell him you don't want it! Tell him he needs to help you out ; you both would work hand in hand to fight it!
    As a guy he is battling the same thing too!!!
    If a son can have sexual feeling for is mother "what are we then talking about"
    Don't do anything stupid!
    & yes the gods would strike you
    OK bye

  2. She needs to get her own apartment, and talking to the mother isn't a bad idea, she's a teenager who just started having sexual feelings, she needs an adult who wouldn't judge her

  3. i dont think telling your mum is the solution dear, year you just going through a stage in body change and the person u see regularly is your cousin thats why your attention is on him. you being with your cousin no matter how distant he is, it is call incest which is wrong in this part of the world and to decency. all you need do is try avoid you and him being along to control your emotions then try channel your emotion to somewhere else or someone by the time u fall for someone else then you will realize you just in infatuations then when you get involve in tru love